HORSONA s.r.o.
Responsibly, competently, and “Just In Time„

3,5 and 7 layer cushioning

We are able to produce
cushioned paper in two to seven layers
in a combination of a different types of materials
with the different density - 20 to 100 g/m2

We are the producer of 3,5 and 7 layer paper
cushion pads on the special cushioning machine.
These paper cushion pads are intended for food,
glass and furniture industry.

By the cushioning of paper of different
density-quality and use of the different cylinders
for shaping of the layers, our company is able
to produce a wide range of paper cushion pads.

In a close cooperation with our customers we
are able to produce a paper cushion pad
according to their requirements.

Our company is able to produce paper cushion
pads in a different shapes (square, rectangle,
bell, heart etc.) and also in different sizes
according to customers need.
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